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The Estación experimental de Zonas Áridas fulfilling the effective legislation opens the doors of its Web to all person who wishes to accede to him, eliminating the technical barriers that can present people with some discapacidad

It has designed an accessible Web by means of the respect of simple norms of structure and layout when designing its Web pages.

The accessibility criteria that have been followed are the recommended ones by the Initiative of Accessibility in the Web (WAI) by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Using the guidelines of Web Accesibility 1.0

Between the used measures to impel a Web comprehensible and navigable, as well as be able to be fulfilled with the norm of the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) we emphasized the following ones:



Structure and design

The web pages has been created according recomendation XHTML 1.0 by W3C.

The visual design and layout are created under the cascade style sheet recomendations of the W3C. (CSS2).

In case that the navigator did not support style sheets, the content of the pages it will continue being legible through the structured semantics of the pages.


Compatibility with browsers

The pages of this Web are compatibles with the following browsers:


Keyboard short cuts

For a fast access to the different sections from the Website, they have been defined keyboard short cuts that you can visualize on the emphasized character of the corresponding section.

The way to activate those short cuts is browser dependent.

  • With Internet Explorer: “Alt” Key + character underlined + “Enter”.
  • With Firefox: “Shift” Key + “Alt” Key + characted underlined.


So we have :

Summary of navigation keys:

  • Alt + 0 :Go to header.
  • Alt + 1 :Go to main menu.
  • Alt + 2 :Go to navigation line.
  • Alt + 3 :Go to main content.
  • Alt + 4 :Go to footer.


Another short cuts:

  • Alt + B :Go to welcome page.
  • Alt + C :Go to CSIC main page.



Alternative text is used to describe the function of the visual elements.



Title tag is used to describe links.

If some of the links is necessary to be opened in a new page, it is indicated in the attribute title as an aid to the user.


Validation of accesibility

At the moment the Web pages of the Estación Experimental de Zonas Aridas fulfill, at least, all the check points of priority 1 and priority 2 (WAI-AA). This fact has been reflected in the pages, including the corresponding logos [with his respective links to online validation services].

27 September 2023
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