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Genome Resource Bank

An important tool for the conservation of threatened species is genome resource banks (sperm, ova, embryos). Since 2003, the Finca Experimental La Hoya (FEH) has a facility housing the Institute's Genome Resource Bank (BRG/EEZA). This is a repository of biological materials, which is managed, handled and studied as an aid to the conservation of the species in La Hoya's Captive Breeding Programmes. One of its goals is to supply biological materials and technical assistance to research projects of interest for the conservation of these species, for which it has a set of User's Rules available to research groups interested in carrying out projects that generate scientific knowledge and whose results lead to conservation of the species at the FEH.

The BRG/EEZA currently has many samples of frozen semen from the three species of gazelles. They are used periodically in artificial insemination experiments. Fruit of these experiments was the birth in June 2005 of the first gazelle in the world to be born by artificial insemination techniques using frozen semen, and this has resulted in a research project in which the FEH staff was involved.

The head of the BRG/EEZA is Jesús Benzal.

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