Francisco I. Pugnaire de Iraola
Escudo Ministerio
Estación Experimental
de Zonas Áridas
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Francisco I. Pugnaire de Iraola

Research Scientist

PhD, University of Granada (1989)

Estación Experimental de Zonas Áridas
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
Calle General Segura 1
E-04001 Almería

Phone: +34 950281045 (ext. 207)
Fax: +34 950277100


 Research interests

  • Plant community dynamics: balance between competition and facilitation
  • Climate change: plant community responses to changing rainfall patterns
  • Soil respiration: influence of plant and microorganism communities 
  • Importance of mycorrhizas in arid systems 
  • Biodiversity conservation 
  • Applied ecology: afforestation and agroforestry good practices 

Selected publications

Chapin, F.S., Autumn, K., Pugnaire, F. 1993. Evolution of suites of traits in response to environmental stress. American Naturalist, 142: S78-S92.

Pugnaire, F.I., Chapin III, F.S. 1993. Controls over nutrient resorption from leaves of evergreen mediterranean species. Ecology, 74: 124-129.

Pugnaire, F.I., Haase, P., Puigdefábregas, J. 1996. Facilitation between higher plant species in a semiarid environment. Ecology, 77: 1420-1426.

Pugnaire, F.I., Haase, P., J. Puigdefábregas, Cueto, M., Incoll, L.D., Clack, S.C. 1996. Facilitation and succession under the canopy of the leguminous shrub, Retama sphaerocarpa, in a semi-arid environment in south-east Spain. Oikos, 76: 455-464.

Pugnaire, F.I., Luque, M. 2001. Changes in plant interactions along a gradient of environmental stress. Oikos, 93: 42-49.

Callaway, RM, Brooker, RW, Choler, P, Kikvidze, Z, Lortie, CJ, Michalet, R, Paolini, L, Pugnaire, F.I., Newingham, B, Aschehoug, ET, Armas, C., Kikodze, D, Cook, BJ 2002. Positive interactions among alpine plants increases with stress: a global experiment. Nature, 417: 844-848.

Armas, C., Ordiales, R., Pugnaire, F.I. 2004. Measuring plant interactions: A new comparative index. Ecology, 85: 2682-2686.

Pugnaire, F.I., Armas, C., Valladares, F. 2004. Soil as a mediator in plant-plant interactions in a semi-arid community. Journal of Vegetation Science, 15: 85-92.

Armas, C., Pugnaire, F.I. 2005. Plant interactions govern population dynamics in a semiarid plant community. Journal of Ecology, 93: 978-989.

Kikvidze, Z., Pugnaire, F.I., Brooker, R.W., Choler, P., Lortie, C.J., Michalet, R., Callaway, R.M. 2005. Linking patterns and processes in alpine plant communities: a global study. Ecology, 86: 1395-1400.

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Pugnaire, F.I., Valladares, F. (eds.) 2007. Functional Plant Ecology. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA.


26 January 2023
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